Axe Throwing 

Join us for the first-ever axe throwing event at the Morgan County Fair! 

Friday, August 6 and Saturday, August 7
All participants must be wearing close-toed shoes. There will be close-toed shoes there if someone needs to wear them to participate. After wearing the borrowed shoes they will be sanitized for the next participant. 

Must be 12 years old or older to participate. Parents must sign a liability waiver at the booth before anyone can participate (applies to ages 12-18). 

$1 per throw or 6 throws for $5. 

Bullseye competition! 
Throughout the axe throwing event, we will keep track of everyone that has nailed a bullseye and write their name on the whiteboard. Saturday at 5 pm we will invite all people written on the whiteboard to participate in a free competition. Whoever nails bullseye again walks away with a prize!