Contest Tent

Schedule-Small Stage

Thursday - Aug 5

10:30am- Cheeto eating Contest (Under 18)

11:00am- Puzzle Contest (8 and under)

12:00pm-Aluminum Foil Barge Buildng 

2:00pm-Gummy worm eating Contest (under 10)

4:00pm-Lego Contest (13-16 yr olds)

4:30pm-Paper Airplaine Contest (all ages)

5:00pm- Connect 4 Contest 

Friday - Aug 6

1:00pm-Lego Contest (8 and under)

1:30pm-Puzzle Contest (9-12 yr olds)

3:00pm-Connect 4

3:30pm-Cheeto eating Contest (18 and up)

4:00pm-Miniute to Win it 

4:30pm-Kerplunk Contest (Under 18)

Saturday - Aug 7

1:00pm-Puzzle Contest (13-16 yrs old)

1:30pm-Lego Contest (9-12 yr olds)

2:00pm-Miniute to Win it 

2:30pm-Clay barge Contest 

4:00pm-Connect 4 (parent/child)

4:30pm-Donut eating Contest (any age)