Crossfit Hero

Date:  Friday, August 5, 2022

Time:  1:00 pm

Location: Fairgrounds 

Price: $30 per workout 



Join CrossFit Unknown at the Morgan County Fair Friday, August 6 thru Saturday, August 7 in celebrating and honoring those who have given their lives in the line of duty.  From 1:00 pm on Friday to 1:00 pm on Saturday, every hour on the hour, we will be completing a Hero workout.  All of these fallen heroes were part of something bigger than just themselves.  For that reason, each Hero workout we conduct over the course of this 24-hour challenge will be in teams of 3.

   Saturday, August 7 at 1:00 PM we will be hosting a workout in remembrance of Wil Pentz. All money raised will be given directly       to the Pentz family. Teams of 3 and its $10 per person. 








We have taken each workout and built appropriate team variations of each so that ALL can participate, regardless of ability level.  Just like in class, we will have modifications for all athletes.  Our biggest goal here is participation, and to create an environment so that all levels can do so.  Whether you'd be able to join us for a single workout, or for a handful (or more), we would absolutely love to see you here.  This is also an effort to raise funds for the Utah 1033 foundation, with all proceeds going to so. 

f you would like to participate in any of the overnight portion (6pm-6am), we are requiring a headlamp (or flashlight) for the running routes for safety reasons.

Plan on bringing plenty of clothes to change into, and sustainment for the night.  We can't wait!  Also plan on bringing food that is easy digestible and plenty of beverages as well.


  1. Create a fun, exciting, but safe overnight challenge supervised by the CrossFit Unknown coaching staff.

  2. Create team variations ( and modifications) to allow every ability to participate.  All levels are encouraged, and CrossFit Unknown coaches will be here throughout the night to help tailor the workout to you.

  3. Honor the fallen Heroes.  All proceeds will be donated to Warrior Rizen Ranch, and we are excited to raise anything we can.

For each workout we will brief at the top of the hour the specific details of the event.  Following, on their own, teams will have (10) minutes to warm their movements and set up their equipment.  At quarter past on each hour, we will start the workout with the intention on each workout being completed by the 45 minute mark of the hour.

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