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Escape Bus

Dates:  Thursday (Aug 1) - Saturday (Aug 3)
Times:  10:00 am - 6:00 pm (30 minute sessions)
Cost:  $3 / person
Open to all ages, 8 years and under need to have an adult present
A Morgan School District bus went missing shortly after school ended.  Small town rumor is that a Fair Board member stole the bus and used it as a retreat from fair planning and preparation.  There are several who were involved in a throw down of sorts after their first fair board meeting.  The stress just got to be too much for them.  Police have narrowed their search to five possible suspects who were involved in the original scuffle.  They desperately need your help to finish solving the crime.  Unfortunately, the criminal has set the bus to self-destruct in 30 minutes in order to destroy all evidence against them.  You have 30 minutes to discover which fair member stole the bus, which tool was used to break in, and where the suspect is hiding!
Megan - She has been involved with the fair for 15 years in one way or another.  Did she reach her breaking point as the chairman of the fair board?
Kim & Eric - This couple has been working side by side for years in life and with the Junior Livestock program.  Maybe they decided on a life of crime as a modern day Bonnie & Clyde.
Krissy - Witnesses agree she was mighty upset at the inability to sell drink products other than Coca-Cola! Plus she already knows how to drive a bus.
Monie - "Don't get me started on the sprinkler system!"  Frustration over the inability to easily water the fairgrounds could have driven this once jovial worker to darker days.
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