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Supporting today's youth produces tomorrow's leaders

About the Auction

Each year Morgan County youth select 4-H and FFA livestock projects to compete at the county fair.  In addition to the expense of purchasing their animal, feel, and supplies, these projects require hours of attention to feed, train, and prepare their animals for the show.  The youth learn essential life skills such as communication, cooperation, responsibility, along with the humane treatment of animals.  Over the course of several months, exhibitors learn to properly care for their animals including nutritional needs, safety, health issues, grooming and showmanship skills.

Youth learn essential life skills such as money management, communication, cooperation, responsibility, perseverance, along with the humane treatment of animals.  4-H and FFA livestock projects provide opportunities for young people to develop solid values that will serve and contribute to their community wherever they live.  The Junior Livestock Auction provides the community an opportunity to invest in our youth and their future.  Proceeds from the sale of projects often help youth to participate in extra curricular activities, church missionary work, and fund college educations.

As a buyer, your participation in the sale recognizes youth for the time, expense and effort that has gone into raising an animal for market.  You may also obtain advertising and tax value that accrues through the purchase of these animals.  We appreciate your support of the Junior Livestock Auction and investment in the youth of Morgan County. 

Two Ways to Participate
  • Attend the sale in person.  The excitement of the event, the drama of the auctioneer's cry creates an unforgettable scene.  Auction officials will gladly assist you.

  • If you are unable to attend but wish to participate, you can do so by proxy.  Just fill out the bid slip or contact a member of the livestock committee.


How is a Purchase Made
  • When you wish to place a bid on the animal in the ring, raise your hand until the ring man acknowledges your bid.

  • Bids are based on dollars per head.  The buyer is the highest bidder.

  • Pre-registered buyers will receive a Buyer's number.

  • Upon being recognized as the buyer, you will be asked for your buyer number or your name, business, or group which you represent.  (Buyers numbers are encouraged to assure proper recognition by the auctioneer.)

  • A representative from one of Morgan Counties youth group will bring a sales receipt to you.  You will verify the sale price and indicate how you are purchasing your animal.  If you are keeping the animal, where you would like it processed.


Ways to Buy

Home Use - You can purchase the entire animal for home use.  You pay the total sale price bid at the time of the sale.  You will need to designate at the time of the sale whether or not you wish to have your animal processed.  Simply indicate on your slip who you want to do the processing.  Bid price does not include processing fees.

Support - A buyer purchases an animal to support an exhibitor but does not want the animal.  In this case the buyer pays only the difference between the final bid price and the packer price.  The packer will take the animal and the successful bidder pays only the support amount.  The floor price will be set prior to the sale.  For example, suppose your bid $370 for a 100 pound lamb.  The floor price is $0.17/lb, the packer price is then $70.  Your cost = $300.

Split Buying - Two or more individuals, families, businesses, or organizations may wish to split the cost of an animal.  This reduces the cost to any one person or group and reduces the amount of meat each will receive.  Notify the auctioneer of the combination of bidders at the time of bidding or at registration.

Buyers' Pool - Individuals and/or businesses commit a dollar amount to the pool.  The buyers' pool will then bid on and purchase an animal in your name, leveraging the available money to maximize the benefit to participating youth.

Boost - Individuals and/or businesses may add money to the final sale price of an animal.  The "boost" will be added to the sale price.  You may "boost" any amount of money.  Simply fill out a form at the boost table or contact a committee member.

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