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Jr. Livestock Committee

President:  Craig Shupe

Vice President of Operations (shows):  Jen Wixom

Vice President of Marketing (buyers): Leslie Shupe

Operations Assistant: Keri Kinghorn

Marketing Assistant:  Mindy Savage

Auction Supervisor: Kim Turner

Secretary:  Alisa Hardman

Treasure: Ben Sessions

FFA instructor: Hannah Branch 

4-H Program Coordinator: Nicole Reed 

Swine Superintendents:  Brady & Emily Peterson, Colby & Brittany Kuhn

Sheep Superintendents:  Brian House, Ladd Peterson, Mike Kinghorn

Beef Superintendents:  Jason & Rhonda Morgan, Justin Pentz

Sub Committee: Eric Turner, Bob Wixom, Audrey Peterson, Trina Pentz

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Visit the Morgan Co. Jr. Livestock Website here

  • Premiums for Open and 4-H/FFA classes will be:  1st place $3.00, 2nd place $2.00, 3rd place $1.00.  Only two monies per animal will be paid.  Rosettes will be awarded to Grand and Reserve Champion and 3rd-6th place animals.

  • Belt Buckles will be awarded to the Grand and Reserve Showmanship, Market and Carcass winners at the Morgan County Fair. 

  • Animals should be groomed and ready for judging according to the schedule that applies to the appropriate division. 

  • No bedding or feed will be provided. 

  • Any “Extra” animals processed will incur a $20.00 charge per animal. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to place their “extra” animal(s) on the processing sheet by Saturday, August 7, 2021, at 3:00 pm. The processing sheet will be located at  the Jr. Livestock Office table. The $20 charge is payable when the animal is placed on the sheet. Extra animal is any animal that has been tagged in and qualified by our Rules Stated above under Livestock Eligibility number 3. 

  • NO market animals will be released from the Morgan Co. Fair until 8:00 p.m.  Saturday night. 

  • Animal pens must be kept clean during the show. At the conclusion of the show,  pens need to be cleaned with waste placed as directed. Pens not cleaned will be done by management and a $25.00 fee assessed to the exhibitor. Any animals fed by management will also be assessed a $25.00 fee. 

  • An exhibitor wishing to file a grievance must submit a grievance form along with  $50 to the grievance committee. Forms will be available at the livestock table.  The grievance committee will make a ruling on grievances brought to their attention. If the committee votes in favor of the grievance the $50 will be refunded to the submitter. If the committee votes against the grievance the $50  will be forfeited.



  • Morgan County Jr. Livestock sale will be held in the Ray W. Little Education  Pavilion Saturday, August 7, 2021 10:00 am. 

  • Buyers will be assigned buyer’s numbers. Buyers and Boosters are requested to settle accounts the day of the sale.


  1.  ALL sales must go through the Jr. Livestock Show Sale Committee, including packer-bought animals. To cover various Jr. Livestock and sale expenses, a sale commission of 4% for beef and 6% for lambs and hogs will be assessed on all animals going through the Jr. Livestock Sale. 

  2. Animals will sell by the head.  

  3. All Grand and Reserve Champion winners in the market classes of the beef,  sheep, and swine divisions are required to sell their winning animals. Every Grand and Reserve Champion will be tattooed in the left ear with a CH for the champion.  Animals with this tattoo are not eligible to enter or show in any Utah Jr. Livestock  Association member shows. 

  4. Only blue and red ribbon animals will sell.  

  5. Exhibitors may only sell one animal.  

  6. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to declare which animal will be sold immediately following their individual shows. 

  7. Exhibitors must be properly dressed in 4-H or FFA-approved attire for the Jr.  Livestock Sale. Refer to Show Rule #1. 

  8. The Grand and Reserve Champions for each species will sell first; starting with steers, lamb, and then hogs. The sale will then alternate species with the number of animals in each species to be determined by the number of animals scheduled to sell.



The Morgan County Jr. Livestock Show and Sale is open to all youth who are residents of Morgan County.  

To show and sell an animal, exhibitors must be: 

   1. 8 years of age as of October 1 of the current 4-H year. Exhibitors can only show through the same season as their high school graduation, but not past their 19th  birthday. 

   2. Exhibitors must be enrolled in 4-H or FFA by April 1 of the 4-H year. No enrollment will be accepted after April 1st.  

   3. Exhibitors must fill out an Educational Experience for each species shown. 

   4. All livestock to be sold must be a 4-H or FFA project with appropriate records. All exhibitors will be required to submit a finished, up to date 4-H Portfolio or FFA  livestock record book by August 19, 2021. 

   5. An appreciation letter/Thank you note to all buyers/boosters must be submitted prior to receiving their sale proceeds. If these are not turned in by September 1st  of the sale year, $50 will be taken off the exhibitor’s sale check. All checks must be cashed by December 31st of the sale year. 


  1. A 4-H/FFA member in Morgan County must have ownership of their market livestock by the tagging dates as specified by each species supervisor. The animal must be tagged with a Morgan County tag. Animals will be tagged at a  tagging/weigh-in: Date, time, and location to be announced. The animal must be raised in Morgan County. 

  2. All Exhibitors will be allowed to enter a maximum of 2 market animals per species/per exhibitor at the fair. Only one animal may sell. You can tag in more than 2 animals per species/per exhibitor, but there will be a $5 charge for each additional tag. One (1) alternate animal per immediate family unit may also be tagged. Immediate family unit means brother and sister only. If a family has an alternate animal, it must be declared as such at tag-in. If the alternate animal is to be used it must be assigned to a specific exhibitor prior to weigh-in at the fair,  keeping in mind that no exhibitor may have more than 2 animals per species at the fair. If an exhibitor tags in 2 or more animals under their name, they would be exempt from using the alternate animal. Any alternate animal used by a family unit must also be qualified by showing at the June show. 

  3. Exhibitors must have shown EACH participating animal at the Morgan County Jr.  Livestock June Show or any other state-sanctioned Jr. Livestock show, in addition to the Morgan County Fair. 

Exception for Hogs: Exhibitors must do one of the following in addition to the Morgan County Fair: 

  • Show EACH participating hog at the Morgan County Jr. Livestock June  Show. 

  • Attend the entire hog show at the Morgan County Jr. Livestock June show and write a 2-3-page essay per Livestock Committee requirements. • Show EACH participating hog at any other state-sanctioned Jr. Livestock show per their rules. 

    4. A Bill of Sale is required on all market animals and will need to be uploaded into  FairEntry when you register for the June Show. Brand Inspections are required for all Market Beef and will need to be turned in at weigh-in at the Fair. Scrapie tags are required on all ewe lambs. 

    5. Minimum Weights: Beef – 1100 pounds and up. Lambs – 110 pounds and up.  Hogs -240 and up. Weigh-In Rules will be as follows: An exhibitor can request an instant re-weigh before the animal leaves the scale the first time. The animal will then leave the scale, the scale will be zeroed out and the animal will immediately be re-weighed. Animals will not be allowed food or water before re-entering the scale. All animals will be dry when weighed. Sheep must be slick shorn with no blanket and will be weighed with a standard lamb halter. All market animals will be divided into lots by weight. Lots will be posted following the weigh-in. Underweight animals can be shown in the exhibitor’s showmanship class. There will be no feeder class. All underweight animals will need to be taken home following their show. 

    6. All animals will be subject to a health inspection at the weigh-in. No animal will be exhibited or sold unless found to be in a thrifty, sound, disease-free, healthy condition. Any animal found unhealthy will be removed from the grounds. All livestock FDA rules on the use of drugs will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.  Anyone using drugs on livestock will have the animal withdrawn from the show and sale. Any animal carcass found with drug residue or condemned at slaughter will result in forfeiture of sale proceeds. Any animal force fed will not be allowed to show. During the livestock event, in the case of an animal requiring treatment,  all medication must be pre-authorized by the Morgan Co. Jr. Livestock  Committee. The committee reserves the right to collect blood samples for random drug testing. Unruly animals will be sifted at the discretion of the species chairman. The Jr. Livestock Committee will have the final decision on any animals sifted prior to the show. Any animal sifted during the Summer Show will not sell. 


  1.  Dress Code: 4-H - A long or short sleeve shirt, which fastens down the front with a collar, is mandatory. Shirts must be solid white in color and need not be  Western style. Black or blue pants are to be worn. There is to be a 4-H emblem or patch on all 4-H member shirts. 

FFA - Either a white shirt, tie, and FFA jacket, or a white shirt with the FFA  emblem and tie. 

The following will not be allowed: T-shirts, tank tops, tube tops, sleeveless shirts, vests, and opened-toed shoes. Exhibitors who fail to abide by dress standards will  forfeit winnings 

    2. Exhibitors must show their own animals for showmanship. No adult will show for an exhibitor. 

    3. Showmanship will be divided into the following classes: 3-5 grade, 6-8 grade, 9- 12 grade of the previous school year. The order of the classes will be posted.  

    4. Appropriate behavior of both youth exhibitors and parents is expected! There will be no tolerance for foul language or inappropriate treatment of animals, judges, or show officials. Any infraction of this rule may result in a place reduction, forfeiture of premiums, and dismissal from the premises or banishment from future shows.


DATE: Thursday, August 5, 2021 

To participate you must fulfill all the following: Failure to complete any of the requirements will disqualify you from the competition! 

1. Attend a carcass workshop, Dates TBD 

2. Be properly dressed in 4-H or FFA-approved attire. 3. Present your own animal to be ultra-sounded that will sell in  the Auction. 

          3. The winners of the Carcass contest will be presented before the livestock sale and will be given a belt buckle. The Grand and            Reserve carcass contest winners will sell in the order that their animal would fall into the sale order. They will be mentioned                  during the sale and indicated in the sale brochure.


   1. There will be a brief introduction on how to judge animals and then the judging contest will take place. Livestock judging rules will apply and the following classes of animals will be judged. Sheep, Hogs, and Steers. 

    2. There will be four classes in the contest:  

         ● Beginner 

         ● Intermediate 

         ● Senior 

         ● Open 

    3. There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 

   4. The decision of the livestock committee will be final, and the winners will be announced in a timely manner and will be  posted at the livestock pavilion.

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