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Date:  Monday, July 31, 2023
Time:  5:00 pm
Location:  Fairgrounds - both arenas
Admission Tickets:  $5
Fair Board Members:  RaeAnn Heiner & Tiffany Pace




** All registration must be completed online. Everyone needs to volunteer to help with the event. 
Rough Stock Events will be held in the Main Arena Mutton Busters (ages 7 and under), Calf Riders (ages 8-11), Steer Riders (ages 12-16), Pony Riders (ages 8-11, 12-16), Mini Bulls (ages 12-16) 
Timed Events will be held in the Small Arena Goat Tying (ages 8-11 on Horseback, 12-16 on horseback), Breakaway Roping (ages 8-11, 12-16), Barrel Racing (all ages 16 and under), Pole Bending (all ages 16 and under), Team Roping (all ages).

**Enter twice, must switch ends or partner**

Big Arena Order of Events (tentatively)

Calf Riding

Bareback Ponies

Steer Riding

Jr. Bull Riding

Mutton Busting

12-16 Girls Breakaway Roping

Tie Down Roping

7 & Under Barrels

8-11 Barrels

12-16 Barrels

Small Arena Order of Events (tentatively)

All PeeWee Events

Girls 7 & Under Goat Tying (on foot)

Boys 7 & Under Goat Tying (on foot)

Boys 8-11 Calf Tying (Horse)

Girls 8-11 Goat Tying (Horse)

Girls 12-16 Goat Tying (Horse)

7 & Under Poles

8-11 Poles

12-16 Poles

Team Roping

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