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Utah's Mounted Thunder

Dates:  Friday (Aug 2) and Saturday (Aug 3)
Time:  6:00 pm 
Location: Morgan Co. Fairgrounds - Main Arena
RMPRA Rodeo tickets must be purchased
to watch performance, buy them here
See more about Utah's Mounted Thunder visit them here
If you find yourself teleport-ed to the dusty streets of Tombstone, Arizona in October of 1881, you would expect to hear guns blasting, bullets flying and see cowboys galloping at full speed from the O.K. corral with guns drawn.  If you find yourself in this scene today, you have most likely moseyed into a Cowboy Mounted Shooting performance.  
Riders compete in this fast action event on horseback, using two .45 caliber single action revolvers each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared ammunition.  The cowboy or cowgirl deftly maneuver his/her steed through a course of 10 balloons while attempting to hit each target and pop the balloons.  To add to the Wild West theme, riders are dressed head to toe like the 1800's cowboy/cowgirls.
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