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Sponsorship Opportunities 

Morgan 1st Community Bank
J Wilkinsons & Son's
Jerry Pierce
River Print
Precision Structures
J Wilkinson & Sons
              Cart Away Concrete
Swire Coca-Cola
Beehive Building
Geneva Rock
Young Dodge
Warrior Rizen Ranch
Wheeler Machinery
Morgan County



Blu    Spider Creative 

Morgan City 

Morgan Chamber of Commerce

Precision Auto

Young   Powersports of Morgan

Crossfit Unknown

Bigham's Party Rentals
Hind's Country Store
Wardell Brothers Construction
Hooked Up Plumbing
Wardell Brothers
Staker Parson
Dee's Tire
Centerpoint Construction
Robinson Waste Services
Bingham Meats


Brighten Blades & Fox Knives


River Valley Vet

Beehive Building

Wilson Paint and Floor


Shirts to a Tee

Howard and Denise Hansen
Mama Lake's
Brake Time Bob
Kanga Roof



Rocky Mountain ATV

Home Depot

CAL  Ranch


Georgia Mikesell

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Sponsoring our local County Fair is an incredible opportunity for businesses to gain exposure and support our community simultaneously. By becoming a sponsor, companies can benefit in several ways. First and foremost, sponsoring the County Fair allows them to showcase their products or services to a large and diverse audience. Our fair attracts a wide range of attendees, including locals, tourists, families, and individuals of all ages. This exposure can significantly boost their brand recognition, attract potential customers, and increase their visibility in the market.

Furthermore, sponsoring the County Fair demonstrates a company's commitment to supporting local events and the community at large. It helps build a positive reputation for their business, showing that they genuinely value and invest in the well-being and cultural development of our area. This goodwill can foster customer loyalty and establish a sense of trust among consumers, which is invaluable for their long-term success.

For our County Fair itself, sponsorship plays a crucial role in ensuring its success. The financial support from sponsors allows us to improve our fair's infrastructure, entertainment offerings, and attractions. With their help, we can bring in popular performers, set up interactive exhibits, and organize various competitions and activities. This improved experience attracts more attendees, leading to increased foot traffic and revenue for our local vendors, exhibitors, and participating businesses.

Moreover, sponsorship helps us keep ticket prices affordable for fairgoers, ensuring that our event remains accessible to a wider audience. This inclusivity fosters community engagement and cultural exchange while promoting local businesses. Additionally, sponsorships often come with advertising opportunities, allowing us to promote the fair through various channels such as signage, online platforms, social media, and traditional media outlets. This increased visibility can lead to higher attendance rates and a greater overall impact on our community.

Sponsoring our local County Fair offers numerous benefits to both the sponsoring companies and our fair itself. It provides them with valuable exposure, brand recognition, and a positive reputation within our community. Simultaneously, their sponsorship supports our fair's growth, enhances our offerings, and contributes to the cultural fabric of our community. By partnering with us, businesses have the opportunity to make a lasting impact while reaping the rewards of increased visibility and customer engagement.

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