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Darlene Little

           Darlene Little was born in Murray, Utah to Samuel Orlon and Henrietta Newbold.  She was the second child of three girls.  Raised on a farm in South Jordan, her family grew sugar beets where she learned the value of hard work working along the side of her father.  Growing up Darlene was called Shirley Temple.   She acquired this name because she had lots of black ringlets in her hair.   Her mother once counted fifty ringlets.  Her mother said she was a beautiful little girl.  At age four, a publisher asked if he could take her picture to be featured in his magazine.

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             Darlene attended and graduated from South Jordan High School, home of the Beet diggers.  While in school she loved t play softball, at which she was very good and known for being the fastest runner on her team.  But her first love of recreation was horses.  One year, she worked an entire summer for her father, and for payment he bought her a blue-dapple gray horse she named “Babe”.  Darlene spent many hours riding Babe in a field just off Redwood Road.  She became quite the horse rider and was able to perform tricks such as standing on the saddle while Babe galloped.  People would often stop alongside the road and watch her perform.  While as a teenager, she tried out for South Jordan Rodeo Queen and won.  From there she became Salt Lake County Fair Queen.  She received her long favorite saddle from this contest.

             Darlene was active in her Young Women’s Class in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She attended a mutual activity at Como Springs, right here in Morgan.  Upon arriving at the activity, she and her friends discovered there was a dance at the Roller Skating Rink.  Unfortunately, they realized that they did not have enough money to attend.  However they made a deal with the guy selling dance tickets.  He said that he would let them all in for fifty cents only, if each girl promised to dance with him.  Well, Darlene ended up dancing with this guy all night.  This guy’s name was Frank H. Little known as Whitey Little in this community.  After that evening, they began dating.  On their first date, Frank was three hours late.  He missed the turnoff and ended up calling Darlene and admitted he was lost.  He was in Provo, Utah.  He couldn’t find South Jordan.  After a year of courtship Darlene was proposed to on her high school graduation night, which was also an eventful night, as their high school started on fire during graduation.  Frank and Darlene were married on November 16, 1950 in the Salt Lake Temple.

              After their marriage lots of family traditions began.  They had four children.  Janet Randall, Sherrie Schroen, Frankie Little and Cindy London.    Her love of family has always been her greatest joy.  She does not have to have a holiday to get her family together.  She loves family outings at her home anytime.  She has 18 grandchildren, 48 great grandchildren, and 2 great great  grandchildren, with another one coming soon.  For years she has had all of her family home for dinner after each General Conference.  Family dinners and parties would not be the same without her homemade pumpkin and banana cream pies and Potato Salad.

              Her epitaph has always been service.  Her and her husband took on a major undertaking about 68 years ago.  They wanted to promote the love of the Christmas Spirit in Morgan County. Behind their home on the hill, it started with a stable on the hill and hand painted figures of which Darlene has painted, including a Christmas thought that spreads across the hillside.  They added large sound horns on their house and played Christmas music all over to be heard by all in Morgan, and all those who traveled to Morgan.   Each year this scene has grown, of which became the love of her life.  Each year a family tradition comes together when the kids and grandkids come up and put up the Christmas scene.  Each piece is put in place under the direction of Darlene. Grandkids enjoy taking up their first lamb.  Each year, she enjoys adding a new piece to the scene.  This has become her favorite family tradition.

Darlene and Frank have been public-spirited all their life.  She has been involved with Morgan County Fairs for 71 ½ years.  She worked the Morgan Fair before her and Frank was married.  Darlene has continued the Little Sound Service since the passing of her husband.  It has been a wonderful love and opportunity to work with so many people through the fair and have the wonderful experiences she has had.  She has also involved her children in the involvement of serving in the fair.  She also spear headed the first “Miss Morgan County Fair Queen Pageant” here at the fair.  Most times you would find her here at the fairgrounds, first in the morning and the last in the evening going home.  She continues to work Little Sound and keep up some of the traditional events that were started.  She ofttimes can repair and keep maintenance on the trucks, of which she can be commended for.  You’ll never hear a swear word come from her mouth.  She has worked hard for everything she has.  She loves people and the service she can render to others.  


      Darlene has always been a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She has served in many callings.  Darlene takes great pride in her yard and flower garden.  Darlene loves her family.  They are very important to her.  She enjoys spending time and supporting each member. Whether it is camping at Jackson Hole, holiday get-togethers, and many activities supporting her grandchildren, she can always be found.  She is a great example to her family of service and hard work.  She very much enjoys serving her family and those in the community.  Her ultimate tradition is family traditions.  Traditions are huge in her life.  She is truly a service minded Pioneer who just tries to give something and asks for nothing in return.